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Fondazione Misano: mare, sport e cultura
Via dei Platani 24, 47843 Misano Adriatico RN

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Thanks to the free bicycle rental service promoted by the Emilia Romagna region and adopted at the Municipality of Misano Adriatico with the nice name MISANO IN BICI, the municipal administration, starting from summer 2011, grants citizens and tourists free of charge, the possibility of being able to rediscover the elementary pleasure that can offer a healthy and pleasant ride on the territory of Misano, and beyond.

There are 20 bicycles available with relative racks located throughout the municipal area: in front of the tourist office in via dei Platani 22, in front of the railway station, in piazza della Repubblica, in piazzale Venezia in Misano Brasile, in via Litoranea Sud at height of Piazzale Colombo in Portoverde.

The management of the MISANO IN BICI Service is entrusted to the I.A.T. and consists in the continuous information to the citizen, release and collection of keys, upon presentation of an identity document and security deposit of 20 euros and inspection service of the regular use of the means (max. 5 hours per day).

MISANO BY BIKE has obtained a high popularity rating from all users, demonstrated not only by the verbal praise but also by the numbers, i.e. by the keys distributed and by the data relating to the use of the individual bicycles, pleasantly revealing a Misano willing to climb in the saddle, in search of all that wonderful things can offer a healthy and peaceful ride along the cycle paths of the town.


Amati Sabrina – Misano Brasile
Bike rental (road and trekking), electric cars, electric rickshaws, cycle carriages, scooters 125

  • Address: Via Litoranea Nord, Misano Brasile
  • Phone: 330.907352
  • Opening: seasonal, until May 15th open only on weekends, then every day


Galeazzi Ubaldo
Rental of bicycles, mountain bikes, electric rickshaws, wheelchairs, electric cars

Address: Via Litoranea Nord (Misano Centro), Misano Adriatico
Phone: 339.5663664 – 366.3113034
Opening: seasonal – from May only on weekends, from late May every day


Misano Noleggi – Misano Centro
Rental of bikes (road and trekking), electric cars, electric rickshaws, cycle carriages

Address Via Piemonte 6, Misano Centro
Phone: 339.5830104
Opening: seasonal


Bacchini Giancarlo
Bus and mini bus with driver

Address: Via R. Sanzio, 2, Misano Adriatico
Phone: 0541.615333
Fax: 0541.613896
Opening: seasonal


Centro Caravan Misano Area Sosta Misano
Caravan / caravan rental and motorhome parking area

Address: Via Tavoleto, 53, Misano Adriatico
Phone Fax: 0541.610139 328/5461851-338/4312046
email: [email protected] [email protected]
opening: yearly


Queen Elisabeth
Escursioni in motonave

Indirizzo: partenza da Zona 27/28, Misano Adriatico
Telefono: 333.5030172
Sito Internet: www.queenelisabeth.it
Email: [email protected]
Apertura: stagionale


Playground with inflatables, play ground, swimming pool balls, toy library, trampolines, swan fishing

Via Emilia, angolo via Liguria
Time: 18.00 – 24.00
Phone 329.2907445 – 388.9994225


Phone 333.7258075
Luna Park
Via Litoranea Nord 21
Misano Brasile


Birthday room, bar-pizzeria area

INTERNAL AREA: equipped with modular structure with slides, bridge, balls, high mt. 6 and 12 long – reserved area for children from 0 to 2 years.
OUTDOOR AREA: (active in summer): inflatables and multipurpose five-a-side football / basketball / volleyball court.

Via Litoranea Sud, 80
Portoverde di Misano Adriatico
phone & fax: 0541/616284 – 338/2632910

Tuesday Friday 15.30-19.30
Holidays and Sundays: 15.30-22.30 (su prenotazione)
Monday closed

Pay parking

In the summer period (dates defined by the council resolution every year) on 5 car parks close to the Misano promenade there is a paid parking “every day” (from 0 to 24).

In total there are over 700 blue parking spaces included in the car parks in via Liguria (177 parking spaces), via D’Azeglio (165 spaces) in Misano Mare, in the parking lot of the Sun in Misano Brasile (165 spaces), in front of the Gabbiano. ex Bobo (210 places), in Portoverde in Via dei Gigli (45 places).

Rates: Hourly stop € 1.00 (minimum half hour rate € 0.50) / Daily stop: € 6.00


The IAT office is in charge of the sale of season tickets: weekly ones for € 25.00, monthly ones for € 75.00, and seasonal ones for € 140.00.

Subscriptions entitle you to daily parking in any paid parking area, but do not include a reserved parking space.

Commercial operators are also given the opportunity to purchase “Scratch and Stop” coupons with validity from 8:00 to 24:00 which entitle them to 4 hours of parking at a fixed rate of 2 euros.

Parking in front of the post office and next to the railway station will remain free of charge.

last update: 2019

Paid parking in management

For information on rates and subscriptions you can contact the manager of Levante srl Felline Divina at 320.777415

last update: august 2019

Public transport

Concabus service
The local public transport service on call Concabus is active.
Citizens who need to move around the Misano area can book a minibus that takes them to any point in the municipal area where there is a public transport or school bus stop.
The service is active every weekday from 8:00 to 19:00 from Monday to Saturday.
The telephone number for reservations is a toll free number for the user: 800108122

Start Romagna
To consult the activities and timetables of local public transport, consult the website www.startromagna.it

Mobility agency
To know the activities of the Mobility Agency consult the website: www.amrimini.it

TAXI in Misano
Departure from the railway station – Misano Centro
Cars and 9-seater minibuses, for all directions
Telephone: 331.9797875 • 331.9797875 • 338.5208889 • 340.5915228 • 333.9680066 • 331.8303348

TrenItalia Misano station
All trains from / to Misano on www.trenitalia.com

Useful numbers

  • Municipal police
    Phone 0541.618423
    Via Guglielmo Marconi 9
    Misano Centro
  • Fire fighters
    Phone 115
    Via Bernardino Varisco 1/A
    47924 Rimini RN
  • Ambulances and First Aid
    Phone 118
    Via Frosinone 1
    47838 Riccione RN
  • Carabinieri
    Phone 112
    fax: 0541.615685
    Via G. Rossini 1
    Misano Centro
    email: [email protected]
  • Police
    Phone 113
  • Street Police
    Phone 0541.699911
    Viale Ceccarini 152
    47838 Riccione RN
  • Guardia di Finanza
    Phone 0541.951636
    Via G. Mazzini 153
    4741 Cattolica RN
  • Rescue at sea
    Phone 1530
  • Coast Guard
    Phone 0541.50121 – 0541.50228 – 0541.50211
    [email protected]
  • Coast Guard - Ufficio Locale Marittimo
    Phone 0541.963221
    [email protected]
  • Post office
    Phone 0541.618711
    Via Romagna 9
    Misano Centro
  • RivieraBank - BCC
    Phone 0541.610804
    Via A. Gramsci 30
    Misano Centro
  • Banca Malatestiana BCC
    Phone 0541.615666
    Via Tavoleto 3/B
    Villaggio Argentina
  • Banca Popolare Valconca
    Phone 0541.615465
    Via Piemonte 20
    Misano Centro
  • Crèdit Agricole Cariparma
    Phone 0541.615515
    Via della Repubblica 49
    Misano Centro
  • Pharmacy Misano - Dr. Costa / Dr. De Luca
    Phone 0541.612268
    Via Tavoleto 2/4
    Villaggio Argentina
  • Pharmacy Misano - Dr. Costa / Dr. De Luca
    Phone 0541.1740053
    Via Nelson 45
    (succursale estiva)
  • Pharmacy S. Antonio - Dr. Rossi
    Phone 0541.610549
    Via della Repubblica 48
    Misano Centro
  • Pharmacy S. Antonio - Dr. Rossi
    Phone 0541.610259
    Via Alberello 28/B
    Misano Brasile
    (succursale estiva)
  • Pharmacy Comunale S. Biagio
    Phone 0541.602016
    Via Saffi 64
    Misano Monte
  • A.I.A. - Associazione Italiana Albergatori
    Phone 0541.610104
    Fax 0541.610442
    Via Piemonte 20/B
    Misano Adriatico
    email: [email protected]
  • CNA
    P.zza Gramsci 51/A
    Misano Adriatico
    Phone 0541.613109
  • Confesercenti
    Phone 0541.613164
    Via G. Marconi 44
    Misano Adriatico
  • SIAE - Società Italiana Autori ed Editori
    Phone 0541.615642
    Via Romagna 23
    (presso Galleria Gardenia)
    Misano Adriatico