Did you ever hear about
the hinterland of Romagna?

A landscape rich in medieval villages and castles all to be discovered

If you think that a holiday in Misano Adriatico is a holiday solely based on both sea and beach then you did not have the chance yet to visit the beautiful HINTERLAND OF ROMAGNA.

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Only 20-30 kilometres away from Misano Adriatico you will find:

Medieval castles, and the squares and alleys of charming villages

Events and historical re-enactments for a dive into the past

Characters of great historical and cultural value


A few kilometres away from Misano you can dive into the history and culture of a glorious past. The medieval villages and castles of the Romagna hinterland are numerous and each one tells a different story, full of charm and emotions.
In the Fortress of San Leo, for example, the spirit and magic of the Count of Cagliostro, alchemist and heretic who seems to have found death within the walls of this castle still lives on. Gradara on the other hand excites its guests with the timeless myth of Paolo and Francesca da Rimini, while the Castle of Montebello houses the legend of Azzurrina, a little girl who mysteriously disappeared in 1375 and who still seems to make her voice heard at every summer solstice.

And these are just some of the Castles you can visit in Romagna. Because your holiday in Misano can be research, history and discovery.


The villages and Castles of Romagna in summer are home to beautiful historical re-enactments and great entertainment events to experience the glory of our past.
The “Palio del Daino” in Mondaino, for example, shows the arts and crafts of the Middle Ages, and the city for an entire weekend wears ancient clothes, with artisan workshops, markets and tastings of products of the past.

“The Gradara Castle Siege” instead tells the story of the siege of the Sforza family to the Castle of Gradara in 1446 so as to become not only an accurate historical re-enactment but rather an exciting live docufilm that is concluded with a spectacular “fire” of the fortress.


Romagna is famous for its characters and some of them left an unforgettable mark and memories.
The most ancient character is Sigismondo Pandolfo Malatesta whose story lives in Rimini, 20 kilometres away from Misano, where you can visit the recently restored Castle and the Malatesta Temple.
Federico Fellini, decidedly more contemporary, marked the history of Rimini in the 1930s with his “Amarcord” and an exhibition at Castel Sigismondo is dedicated to him, retracing the stages of his amazing career. Finally in Santarcangelo one can find the history of Tonino Guerra, poet, writer, screenwriter and artist to whom the city dedicated a museum.


Misano Adriatico is surrounded by small jewels. Visiting them is a unique experience and a way to enrich your seaside holiday. The whole territory is rich in wonderful landscapes and proof of a rich past.
If you are interested in visiting thermal spas and relaxing, then the perfect solution for you in the surroundings of Misano Adriatico is Montegrimano.
If instead you are interested in historical and artistic tourism, do not miss the beautiful village of Montegridolfo and its castle, as well as the fortress of Montefiore.

For information on visits to our villages and castles call: 0541.615520

wonderful place… suitable for families with children

Paola Nutile
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Great organization of events for a country always celebrating.

Tiziano Bonardi
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I feel at home here …. I have to go back every summer and I would never go away ….

Francesca Moietta
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If there were 6 stars… thanks for this umpteenth Pink Night i’ll be back soon with the August holidays

Lorenzo Strenghetto
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the best for the whole family

Cristina Pividori
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