The chocolate factory

Recreational activity

until 5 September (excluding 15/8)

9.00 pm – Duration: 1 hour (workshop for children)

€12 per child (parents free) aged 5 to 10

Small chocolatiers at work.

Chocolate has always been one of children’s favorite foods, so they will be delighted to be able to participate in this experience: it is a laboratory to help little ones discover the world of cocoa, who will be able to work the chocolate with their hands and bring home their personal creation. While the children are in the laboratory (about 1 hour), parents will be able to take part in a short free guided tour of the “Chocolate Museum” lasting about 20 minutes.

Times and meeting place:

  • h 9:00 pm – Staccoli Pasticceria – Cioccolateria Cattolica

Dates are subject to change and upon reaching the number of participants (where applicable).
Advance booking required.
Please arrive at least 10 minutes early.

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