The magic of cocoa

Recreational activity

until 4 September (excluding 14 August)

10.00 am or 11.00 am (duration 1 hour)

€12 per person

Guided visit to the “small Chocolate Museum”.

Chocolate is a complex and fascinating world, with a long history, a complex production process and many benefits for the mind and body. Guided visit to the small “Chocolate Museum” with tasting of different varieties, to get to the heart of the world of chocolate, savor the flavors and discover the curiosities that hide behind this wonderful “food of the gods”.

At Staccoli Pasticceria e Cioccolateria Cattolica.

Recommended for over 14 years.
The dates are subject to change and upon reaching the number of participants (where applicable).
Advance booking required.
Please arrive at least 10 minutes early.

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