Are you looking for the perfect place
where to taste traditional Romagna specialities?


In Misano Adriatico food and wine are a pillar of the community. That is why here you will find everything you need to satisfy your palate.

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What do the restaurants in Misano Adriatico offer?

The best meat and fish specialities of the area

A cuisine where the Azdore (housewives) rule.

Venues that have both soul and history…


Misano Adriatico overlooks the sea, and it is clear that here the fish is cooked in the good old fashioned way, that is, the way of the fishermen and women cooks who knew how to make “poor food” a real delicacy.
The fish is always fresh and the flavours of lupine clams and grilled sardines prevail unchallenged.
But also the land has its charm and can offer unique products that include olive oil, cheese and excellent Sangiovese wine.


The Azdore of Romagna were the true pillars of the families, queens of the home and cooks who knew no rivals. Today the Azdore are the diligent and passionate guardians of the gastronomic traditions of a region that makes good food and hospitality a cult.
To them we owe the handmade piadina, home-made pasta, meat sauce and especially the love for good food. In the kitchens of many restaurants in Misano Adriatico we are still lucky enough to find real Azdore from Romagna and to be able to taste the most typical dishes of our city.


When we talk about gastronomy in Misano we are not just talking about good food. We also talk about restaurants that have a history of souls and hearts.

At the Paolino Restaurant, for example, there is a story that links it to Marco Simoncelli. Every evening at about 10:20 pm in the restaurant, the Marco’s motorbike is turned on and for five minutes the only noise you hear is the power of the engine that remind us that Misano is a temple of good taste but also of sports and adrenaline.


In 2014, the Piadina Romagnola became a DOP and IGP product with official characteristics according to the law. Misano Adriatico is one of the municipalities of the Riviera that can show the quality certificate of Romagna piadina and there is not a Misano citizen who did not prepare it at home at least once in his/her life
In spite of the recipe and the ingredients which are all very simple, the consistency of the piadina can change from restaurant to restaurant, and depends very much on the “hand” of the Azdora who makes it. What remains unique is the flavour and goodness thanks to which the piadina is now known internationally.

wonderful place… suitable for families with children

Paola Nutile
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Great organization of events for a country always celebrating.

Tiziano Bonardi
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I feel at home here …. I have to go back every summer and I would never go away ….

Francesca Moietta
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If there were 6 stars… thanks for this umpteenth Pink Night i’ll be back soon with the August holidays

Lorenzo Strenghetto
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the best for the whole family

Cristina Pividori
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Federico Facchin
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