Food & Wine Tour

Tenuta Mara

Admission fee:

2021 season price to be defined.

All tours are subject to a minimum quota. Dates may vary.


    Every Thursday at 4:30 PM from Misano; the tour will last 1 hour and a half, and it will also be available in English; we will get back at around 7:00 PM.

  • Pick up 1

    Misano city centre at 4:30 PM
    Via Romagna 9 (Piazzale Poste)

  • Pick up 2

    Misano Brasile at 4:35 PM
    Via Alberello, corner with Via Tevere

A WINE EXPERIENCE afternoon Tenuta Mara.

We will start from the park and its “open air” artworks, and continue along the vineyard to reach the Music Hall and then the sacred wine spaces: the WINE VAULT, with six large vats, each one decorated by a different artist, and the Barrique Cellar, a Sangiovese temple.

This tour will end with a glass of excellent Sangiovese in your hands, and baked finger food.

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